Old Computers

Because I love old computers, and everything to do with them (not just PCs, but really any sort of computing hardware whether analog or digital, electronic or mechanical) I will try to share this interest here. I will especially try to share my own developments and my collection of interesting things, ideas, and bits and bobs.
(Click the images for more detail on each item!)

Nice terminals are a terminal disease…

Everyone has to have an IBM 5150, right?!

An IBM 3274-61C SNA terminal controller! What a beautiful piece of kit!

Another save from the university: the SDK-85 development board for learning about the Intel 8085 CPU!

My second Kaypro II! Very sad to say that the first, given to me by Jasper, was dismantled by a younger me as I had no idea how to make it work!

The great little plasma display I found in the recycle pile at university… Boy am I glad I saved it!