Following are a collection of links to sites that interest me. I will try to keep them categorised.

Enjoyable electronics.

Seven Transistor Laboratories (Someone I actually know!)

Stuff about old computers and computing.

The Programmer’s Corner
Retro Technology (A favorite of mine)
Minus Zero Degrees
Conrad’s Win3.1 Archive
DOS-Based MS-Network Server
Retro Computing Network (A very interesting project)
Red Hill Technology
Total Hardware 1999 (Great jumper info resource)
Computer Graphics History
S-100 Bus Computers (Excellent motherboard data resource)
Obsolete Computer Museum

Others’ curious and interesting sites.

Santa Cruz Geek Scene
The Armory
A Relay Based Computer

Kaypro II Kaypro Site
Maslin’s Kaypro List on
Dave’s Old Computers Kaypro Archive

Sites about dragons and draconity.

Vintage sites of interest.

Toad Hall
Milk Kommunikations Ko-Op
ACME Laboratories
Nathan’s Toasty Technology Page
Patrick Michaud (Pm)
Mosaic Communications Corporation
A Little History from W3
The Republic of the Resort
Top 10 Stories of 1996