The Luna Weyr

Welcome to the Luna Weyr, where all the interesting things I’ve collected come to be shared for those who might be interested. The name, you might ask? Well for some the Weyr is an obvious term. And Luna… I love watching moon in the night sky! So the Luna Weyr is my outpost; a special nook at which all the things I do are centralized and from which they reach out.

This idea, and this site, are fresh business and should change and grow in short order provided I have the time and well-being to build them. My hope is to create a look into some interesting and unusual things; most of which will probably be related, but not necessarily!

Expect to see things about electronics, computers, music, dragons, cars, and goodness knows what else.


14/02/2021 - Added a dragon in About.
12/02/2021 - Added Honeywell, reversed order of lists so new things go on top!
11/02/2021 - Added the Spiders section and the IBM 5150 and IBM 3274-61C!
09/02/2021 - New Music in the art section :)
07/02/2021 - Also new in Yesterday and new Art section!
07/02/2021 - New favicon.ico file and some new Links!
06/02/2021 - Added Yesterday and Old Electronics sections.
05/02/2021 - Wrote the initial site, basic layout, and initial sections. Hello World!