A collecion of radiographic art I’ve prepared over the years.
(Click the images for more detail on each item!)

A 1920s electrolytic capacitor, end-view.

Random thingies.

More random thingies.

An RF tuning capacitor and an RFID card.

A three way 120VAC receptacle splitter.

Rubik’s Cube!

Computer fans.

Photographic flood lamp.

Projector lamp.

Picquic Screwdriver

A video cassette.

A microwave oven magnetron.

120VAC wall receptacle.

Wall light switches.

A hair dryer. (My favorite of the series.)

My attempt at radiographic organic matter. I need to work on this as it looks like it’ll be very interesting.

Flat flexible cables. Does it remind you of a certain classic screensaver?

The classic wall-mounted pencil sharpener!