Art Things

A collection of things I’d consider my artistic expression. These are music, writing, graphic art, photography, etc.
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I run into these interesting creatures often in my yard and in the house. I always set them free if they’re in my way, but I enjoy photographing them!

Oh music, what a thing… I have no idea how to express how much I love music and also interesting sounds in general!

I’ll endeavor to share music I create, and also sounds generated by my custom electronics designs, synthesizers, etc.

Radiography! On the acquisition of a self-contained Faxitron X-ray imaging cabinet, it became possible to safely perform radiography. To generate these images, a digital camera on the floor of the cavity faces up toward a Cadmium-Tungstate fluoro screen, a Patterson B-2, above which the subject is placed within the flood of the X-ray tube. The shadow generated by the subject is cast on the fluoro screen, which becomes brightly illuminated with a positive image of the subject.