About this place

The Luna Weyr was imagined as a sort of outpost on the information highway; a place to congeal those thoughts and artefacts which I deem interesting, important, or simply worth sharing and remembering. It is a little less formal and a little more spiritual as far as websites go, perhaps even being reminiscent of the early internet (and that’s a very big part of what I’m hoping to do here is go back to that time and place somehow).

About my interests

My interested are pretty varied, and I won’t share everything about all of them here. I’ll be keeping it to the things I think deserve a little chance to be seen.

About me

For now, I introduce myself as Wings. Yup, I’m a regular human being, but I’ll play the role of the encouraging and helpful indigo dragon named Wings upon which some of my art, stories, and songs are based. Wings might not take much part in the technical matters, but he’s important and may appear here!